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str. 9

str. 11

Chapter I
Constitutional standards
str. 19

1. Right to conscientious objection
str. 21

2. Medical ethics
str. 28

3. Research experiment on humans
str. 32

4. Status of a conceived child
str. 39

5. Information about health condition
str. 50

6. Constitutional right to health protection
str. 55

7. Statute of limitation for claims
str. 63

8. Protection of incapacitated persons
str. 70

9. Filiation of a child
str. 77

10. Medical ethics II
str. 82

Chapter II
European standards
str. 91

I. Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
str. 93

1. Transsexualism
str. 93

2. Assisted suicide
str. 102

3. Substitute consent
str. 108

4. Civil liability for childbirth
str. 112

5. Abortion
str. 117

6. Medically assisted procreation
str. 128

II. Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union
str. 133

7. Abortion and free movement of services
str. 133

8. Legislative competence in the sphere of health protection
str. 141

9. Financing of cross-border medical services
str. 147

10. Biotechnological directive
str. 155

11. Right to reimbursement for cross-border treatment
str. 162

12. Reimbursement for unauthorised cross-border treatment
str. 170

Chapter III
str. 185

1. Relative indications for procedure
str. 187

2. Scope of duty to inform
str. 190

3. Cosmetic surgery and duty to inform
str. 193

4. Scope of duty to inform II
str. 196

5. Duty to inform and civil liability
str. 200

6. Burden of proof of providing information
str. 204

7. Procedure utilizing products not admitted to trading
str. 209

8. Validity of consent to surgery and lack of written form
str. 213

9. Blank consent
str. 217

10. Refusal of service and duty to inform
str. 221

11. Duty to inform and omission of procedure
str. 226

12. Penal liability for treatment without consent
str. 231

Chapter IV
Civil liability
str. 235

I. Liability principles and basis
str. 237

1. Liability based on the principle of equity
str. 237

2. Concurrence of liabilities
str. 241

3. Organisational fault of a hospital
str. 245

4. Grounds for hospital's liability
str. 250

5. Insurer's liability
str. 256

6. Grounds and prerequisites for compensation claims
str. 261

II. Establishment of causal nexus and damage
str. 265

7. Contributory negligence of the injured and refusal of treatment
str. 265

8. Prerequisites for compensation and experiencing no harm
str. 270

9. Proving in medical proceedings
str. 276

10. Hypothetical consent and legally relevant damage
str. 280

11. Hypothetical consent and scope of duty to inform
str. 284

12. Duty to inform and legally relevant damage
str. 289

13. Hypothetical consent and lack of information
str. 296

III. Standards of health care services
str. 304

14. The highest standard available
str. 304

15. Average standard
str. 307

IV. Childbirth as source of liability
str. 311

16. Birth of a disabled child
str. 311

17. Liability for costs of maintaining a child
str. 318

18. Constitutionality of classifying a child as damage
str. 326

19. Costs of maintaining a child as damage
str. 333

20. Birth as damage - wrongful life
str. 342

Chapter V
str. 347

1. Sterilisation of disabled persons
str. 349

2. Artificial heterologous insemination
str. 354

3. Status of human body
str. 358

4. Substitute maternity
str. 365

5. Limits of duty to protect human dignity
str. 369

6. Status of human gametes
str. 376

7. Penal protection of a child during labour
str. 381

Chapter VI
End of life
str. 389

1. Living will
str. 391

2. Doctor's duty to provide aid
str. 396

3. General duty to provide aid
str. 401

4. Persistent therapy
str. 406

5. Discontinuation of nutrition in vegetative state
str. 417

6. Assisted suicide
str. 427

7. Siamese twins separation
str. 434

Chapter VII
Other cases
str. 443

I. Problems of transsexuality
str. 445

1. Correction of birth certificate
str. 445

2. Sex affiliation as personal right
str. 450

3. Declaring the sex of a transsexual person
str. 454

II. Problems with financing of health care services
str. 458

4. Financing of extra-contractual services
str. 458

III. Other issues
str. 465

5. Experiment on a person being artificially sustained alive
str. 465

6. Psychiatric confidentiality
str. 470

List of rulings
str. 475

str. 479



The publication presents several dozen judgements of European and constitutional tribunals and of Polish as well as foreign courts which relate to the main issues of the debate conducted in Poland nowadays. They illustrate current development trends that occur in Polish and European medical law and also reveal the complexity and intricacy of medical issues. Separate statements enclosed to some judgements highlight the broad scope of problems arising in that field.

Glosses to each of the judgements and separate footnotes referring the reader to the literature provide a complete description of the subject matter. They also clarify the normative context of the cases reviewed. Moreover, all comments present problems from legal, ethical, political and even economic perspective. Both theoretical and practical aspects of issues concerning vindication of claims and the range of presentation of claims are highlighted in the book.

The Authors contributing to the publication are affiliated with the University of Warsaw. Their main research interests include medical law, civil law, constitutional law and European law.

The book is recommended for lawyers and physicians as well as all those interested in the field of bioethics and the issues of the health care.

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